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Glenferrie Station

Glenferrie Station is a surprising location, nestled amongst our quieter, inner city. A short train ride from the CBD, it’s various nooks and alleys are complex and worth exploring. The entire station can be scouted and shot in less than a half hour if you are keen to pop the shutter and then enjoy one […]

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Southern Cross Station

Southern Cross Station is an absolute marvel, providing opportunities everywhere. Keep moving though, as you will always get the occasional overly officious employee or security lackey looking for something to do. You can get a photography permit for most stations here  if you feel the need… As per usual, so long as you avoid a tripod […]

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Footscray Station

Footscray Station has an architecturally curious pedestrian overpass which is a great spot. I have not quite nailed an image here yet, even after two visits. The locals can be “variable” but are generally pretty well conditioned to photographers in the overpass. Tripods seem to be just part of the landscape here, and the train […]

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