Southern Cross Station

Southern Cross Station is an absolute marvel, providing opportunities everywhere. Keep moving though, as you will always get the occasional overly officious employee or security lackey looking for something to do. You can get a photography permit for most stations here  if you feel the need…

As per usual, so long as you avoid a tripod and flash, nothing much happens. Take a walk around the entire perimeter of the station to find your best vantage points. Looking down onto the platforms from the walkway that leads to Etihad Stadium is a good place to start.

Even without a tripod at night, there are plenty of rails and barriers to rest your camera on to get a steady longer exposure.

VLine, the interstate and regional train network has it’s Melbourne base at Southern Cross Station. There are ticketing offices, waiting areas, diesel trains, and plenty of travellers with suitcases.

It is also one of the major CBD stations for daily commuters, so you can expect a fair mix of people.

Make sure you look both up and down. There are plenty of leading lines (mostly pedestrian guides) situated throughout the station, that when combined with light can work.

Some points of interest include :

The stairs at the CBD side of Bourke and Spencer Streets always have travellers sitting around.

The wave inspired roof has plenty to offer visually, but I have always found it difficult to create a unique point of view. If you get a good shot, I would love to see it.

The Myki ticket stations near the Collins and Spencer Street corner are a good spot too..

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