Etihad Stadium Docklands

Etihad Stadium. The scene of triumph and alternately, gnashing of teeth. There is nothing like the footy here on a cold winter’s night, the roof closed, with an equally cold beer.

The traditional home of sport in Melbourne is undoubtedly the MCG and the Flinders Park precinct where the Aussie Open Tennis is held. The Docklands / Etihad Stadium provides some alternative opportunities for street photography.

The Stadium is a place best explored on in the late afternoon light. You can combine some time here, with Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer Street Station). There are also some night shots available here that can be pretty cool.

The footy crowd can come through here at all times of day and night from Friday night to late Sunday afternoon throughout winter. The fans in Melbourne can be quite fanatical, but in a typically understated way. You will often find a strong mix of supporters of both teams, as there are nine professional teams out of a national total of eighteen based in melbourne. Part of the culture is one of accepting opposition supporters being present at the game.

To find all the opportunities, I recommend a full 360 degree of the stadium – both outside and inside if you can afford some tickets!

There are great opportunities to photograph both large groups and individuals here.

Etihad Stadium is situated in the Docklands area of Melbourne. An area that is busy during business hours or when the footy is on, but can be a desolate wasteland the rest of the time. There are some striking modern buildings in the area, with a noticeable lack of people on weekends or in the later evening.

The stairs at Etihad end of Batman’s Hill drive offers some shadow play.

The pedestrian bridges to Southern Cross Station, particularly at night, can offer some great opportunities.

You might like to take a path from Southern Cross station through to Etihad Stadium, and then walk down to the Blowhole and other Docklands features. You can find out more here : docklands-public-art-walk



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