Richmond Station

Behold my most favourited picture of all time!

Richmond Rail Station provides many opportunities. This particular image was captured looking down the exit ramp from the platform, waiting for the light to stream down from the skylights. The colours of the tiles combine with the dirty whites to deliver great contrast.


Here it is from a different perspective shot at a different time of day / camera / film. Still looks pretty cool.

So, catch the train out to Richmond and get some shots around the platforms and pedestrian subways. They are all classic locations for street photography.

Surrounding the station is a couple of excellent railway bridges. If you can get underneath them at the right time of day, the light funnels through the gaps to provide some great opportunities. The image below was taken on year on world wide toy camera day on a Holga.


Nearby, once you have developed a thirst after all the hard work, a coldie at the Corner Hotel is a great idea. The patrons are generally quite friendly, and usually an eclectic group. From footy crowds before a big game to the more “inner locals” in the late afternoons, there are plenty of potential subjects. Why not identify a couple of people and ask to take their portraits? Like these guys :





Click here to see where the locations are.

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