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Working on Selfie Respect… Street Photography Self Portraiture Thoughts

Street photography self portraits… I had an interesting morning a few months back at 5am in Centre Place. This unexpected expedition, along with my admiration for Vivian Maier’s self portraits, has got me thinking about a project theme. As per my usual modus operandi, the first step is to look through other people’s images that appeal […]

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Contrasting Time

Having some “go to” locations when you are down on inspiration is a critical tool for any street photographer. Taken in Centre Place – you can read more about the location here – a place I often go to when in need of some easy pickins’… The lens was medium format 80mm, and relatively slow […]

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Centre Place

Completing the journey from Flinders Street Station, through the Degraves Street Subway and Street itself, is Centre Place. It is a narrow lane filled with food and people at all times of the day. Again, the light is usually poor, so make sure you ready to shoot at ISO 800 or above with a fast […]

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