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Developing Black and White Film at Home. It’s Easy.

What do you need? Gear –       Scissors –       Developing Tank with Reels –       Water hose –       Light-tight Change Bag –       35mm Film Canister Opener (or Can Opener) –       Measuring Jug and Graduate –       Thermometer –       Timer –       Squeegee –       Storage bottles –       Drying rack –       Scanner   Chemicals –       Developer –       Stop Bath –       Fixer […]

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The Easiest Way to Develop B&W Film. Ever.

You no longer have an excuse. Stand Developing is virtually impossible to muff. Have a crack at it, and be surprised at how easy it can be! Developing your own Black and White film is part of the whole analogue experience. Messing about with chemicals, reels etc can be a little daunting at first. Most people […]

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