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Creative Brief – Japan! Part Two

Umbrellas. Everywhere. You can usually purchase an umbrella within 80 metres of wherever you are in Tokyo! They are cheap and readily available to save you from any unexpected cloud burst. They are uniformly clear – and people tend to hold them quite low, looking through the transparent, weather resistant plastic, to see where they […]

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Creative Brief – Japan! Part One

Third time lucky? I am lucky enough to be off to Japan for a third trip soon. Reviewing past images of Japan will be a key part of my preparation for the upcoming shoot extgravaganza. I have not been shooting a lot for the last twelve months or so. Part of the preparation will have […]

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Developing Black and White Film at Home. It’s Easy.

What do you need? Gear –       Scissors –       Developing Tank with Reels –       Water hose –       Light-tight Change Bag –       35mm Film Canister Opener (or Can Opener) –       Measuring Jug and Graduate –       Thermometer –       Timer –       Squeegee –       Storage bottles –       Drying rack –       Scanner   Chemicals –       Developer –       Stop Bath –       Fixer […]

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