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Notebook Project – Discarded Objects

Without a plan to succeed and do things, nothing will get done. Just thinking about photography is not going to improve your skills or eye. I have been keeping a diary of ideas to help me when I am looking for inspiration and a reason to walk out the front door and into the world […]

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Free Open Source Street Photography Course

Eric Kim is a great source of inspiration for street photographers. He sets a great example by bringing a disciplined approach to learning and the creative process. He has brought together a whole bunch of his great content into a structured Street Photography course. You can find the course here : http://erickimphotography.com/blog/2014/02/04/free-open-source-online-street-photography-course-all-the-worlds-a-stage-introduction-to-street-photography/ There is some […]

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Busy Places – Buildling Your Skills

Busy Places Busy places are full of busy people all moving in different directions with different purposes. Their minds are wholly engaged with their own affairs and missions. Whether in a group or by themselves, their main priority is whatever it is that they are doing. Their default is to not even notice you, unless […]

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