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Compact Cameras – Undiscovered Brilliance

Until you discover compact film cameras, you will never know what you are missing! I recently went out with a couple of old favourites, the Nikon 35ti and Ricoh GR1v… You can read more about these cameras here : Ricoh GR1v Nikon 35ti Compact 35mm Cameras There are plenty of others I would love to […]

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Nikon 35Ti Camera Review

What a wonderful little camera. The Nikon 35ti was made from 1993 – 1999, the period of the “Great Resistance” – a time when the film companies thought everything was still going to be OK. Nikon mostly did not skimp on anything with this little beauty. The Lens is a suprisingly sharp 35mm F2.8 Nikkor. […]

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Compact 35mm Cameras

Hmmm, it would seem I am a regular breaker of one of the ten commandments handed down to Moses on Mt Sinai. “Thou Shalt Not Covet” It is tough when friends come along to a photography function with shiny new items. I find that as soon as I pick up a camera or lens that […]

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