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Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail Preview Video

You might get a bit of motion sickness watching this, but it is worth it! All the beautiful analogue cameras for sale at Champagne Court in Hong Kong. Over the next week or so, reviews on each of these stores, and others, in the Hong Kong area will be posted. Stay tuned if you love […]

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Nikon 50mm f1.8 – The affordable nifty fifty

So, you just purchased a shiny new DSLR, despite my advice that you probably really needed a high end point and shoot compact camera… It came with a couple of lenses in the box, didn’t it? They look pretty awesome. Maybe you could even offer to shoot your cousin’s upcoming wedding with these new image weapons? […]

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Nikon 35Ti Camera Review

What a wonderful little camera. The Nikon 35ti was made from 1993 – 1999, the period of the “Great Resistance” – a time when the film companies thought everything was still going to be OK. Nikon mostly did not skimp on anything with this little beauty. The Lens is a suprisingly sharp 35mm F2.8 Nikkor. […]

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