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Mr Xpan – Fotodudenz (Matthew Joseph) Interview

Matt is an accomplished wide angle photographer, using some pretty special gear. Here is what I learnt by spending an hour with him at the Spread Eagle Hotel in Richmond whilst his partner attended her weekly “Richmond Knitters” stitch and bitch at the same pub… How did you get into photography? It was an accident, a […]

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Rangefinder Cameras – Starting Out

Rangefinder Cameras are a revelation to photographers who are starting to delve into more exotic kinds of gear. At first glance, to the developing photographer, rangefinders can look like toylike and less than worthy of your new found skillz. There are good reasons why rangefinders can look a bit ‘r Us. The viewfinder is a […]

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Voigtlander R4A Rangefinder

Hankering for a Leica, but don’t have Leica cash in your pocket… Consider a Voigtlander rangefinder for that HCB experience on a budget! Despite the decidedly German heritage, Voigtlanders are now made in Japan. The Japanese make some very stylish and single minded cameras vs some of the current crop from Europe. Consider the latest […]

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