Featured Street Photographer – Joe Jongue

“Best of all, [Street Photography] starts the moment you step out the front door…” My favourite quote from our next photographer, Joe Jongue.

Why Street Photography?

Street Photography to me is the capture of humanity and culture in its rawest form. It is unique in that no two shots will ever be the same, so every shot you take must count or that decisive moment is lost forever. So why Street Photography? Well for starters you don’t need expensive gear, you don’t need a studio with sophisticated lighting equipment, you can do it any time during the day or night and best of all it starts the moment you step out the front door.

What Got You “Into” Street Photography?

I was shooting a lot of events i.e. birthdays and weddings and noticed I was shooting more candid shots than posed portraits and, more interestingly, I found people liked the candid shots more. So what got me into Street Photography was that everywhere I look, there is an opportunity for a candid shot with a story to be captured. I love how a photo can mean something to one person but completely different to another.

Best Tip

Cards, never leave home without them and never refer to them as ‘Business Cards’. After taking a street portrait of a stranger always thank them for their time and offer to send them a copy and hand them you card with your contact details.

Favourite “Go To” Spot 

Federation Square in Melbourne Victoria, its a popular meeting spot and is host to many festivals all year round. This is a hot spot for candid street photography and a good starting point for anyone getting into the genre.


I ditched my bulky Canon DSLR and opted for the lighter compact Fuji X-T1. It was love at first sight, it has all the features and functions suited towards my style. It can be silent (ideal when shooting candid shots up close) and the EVF allows you to see exactly what you will get when a shot is taken. But most of all the quality of the JPEG is what won me over, I have a busy life style and with a baby on the way I simply don’t have the time to be editing photos. It has sped up my workflow tremendously.

You can find Joe here. Joe’s wordpress site is quite  handy source of info on his Fuji, if you are thinking of acquiring one.



Now, let’s check out his images!


A shot from a recent trip Joe took to Hong Kong, a challenging place to isolate a subject so perfectly! The intersecting curved lines, all running in different directions and gradients give a very fluid feel to the image. Almost like a river flowing across the frame. The subject is highlighted by the contrast against the lightly coloured paving. The constant and consistent arc of the fence the subject is sitting on breaks it clear of the less rigid lines on the ground.


Joe is quite skilled at using lines, both straight and curved to create images. In this classic shot, the tramlines create a strong leading line to the horizon upon which the subject can exist.


The final image uses the lines and geometric shapes of the buildings to create an interesting mosaic style of frame. The tones of the buildings contrast with the sky to create an aesthetically pleasing image. The lines of the buildings jag off at different angles without creating any visual confusion – making things interesting to look at, without being overly distracting.

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