2015 Tokyo and Hong Kong Trip – Image 5

Be ready for any opportunity, and when it presents, do not hesitate. I have a bit of a thing for Japanese robot sci-fi, “Gundam”. I had planned a trip to the big Gundam Front HQ for peeps who are into it. The shopping centre is guarded by a life size replica of a Gundam Mobile Suit. It is pretty impressive!

I figured I would just take a couple of shots using people walking by to give an idea of scale. As I walked towards the location, about 600 or 700 metres away, I realised something special was happening. A whole slew of people with white hard hats were clamouring around the base of the Gundam…

At this point I had two choices.

  1. Continue to amble along to the scene.
  2. Leave Mrs Melbournestreetphotography behind, and run the last few hundred metres.

I was so excited about the possibilities that the only choice my mind could make was #2. I ran down to the Gundam and started taking pictures as quickly as I could.

From what I could see, it was some kind of event featuring some emergency workers on a big stage near the Gundam. I had gotten through two rolls of medium format film when it abruptly finished and the hard hatted people quickly dispersed. If I had not run to the scene, it would have been breaking up as I arrived, and I would have missed the opportunity.

Yeah, I looked a bit strange running down to the event, but better to look a bit out of place for a few minutes and get the shot!

Whilst the shot didn’t quite work as well as I had hoped, at least I made the opportunity happen.

I was already composing the theme in my mind as I jogged down. “Robot overlord” was the one that I landed on. Making the robot look a bit sinister by having it stand over the people was the objective. The people give a great idea of the enormous size of the Gundam, and with them all in hard hats, it gives a feeling that they have been enslaved by the Gundam.

All images were shot on MF rangefinder, 43mm wide angle lens, using Ilford HP5.

There was also this image which works well.

Roll 413 M7ii HP5iso800880

Seeing the people’s faces helps humanise them a bit more. There are two things that reduce effect of the image though :

  1. The Diver City Shopping Centre logo on the building – it is pretty hard to create a sci fi feel with a cheesy background…
  2. The perspective shown of the robot. Whilst the people’s faces work in the image, I regret not being more observant of precisely what angle the robot was on relative to my camera. He (or she!) would have looked much better being more front on in the image.

I can’t definitively pick a favourite yet…

As you can see from the third shot below, it was a bountiful opportunity! I like this image as the sky looks a little more dramatic. The “ground up” perspective also accentuates the scale of the Gundam and makes him a little more imposing.

Roll 413 M7ii HP5iso800882

And, just to wrap things up, and because I like robots, here is the shot I would have got if I had not run down to the Gundam. It is still a nice image, but suffers in comparison to the hard hat images. A reminder to make sure you take decisive action when opportunities arise…

Roll 415 M7ii HP5iso800900





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  1. Cool. Did you get to visit the Toyota hall nearby?


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